Jon Gabriel, the long term effects

It was about 10 years ago that I was introduced to Jon Gabriel.  The effect inside was dramatic intiatially and then dramatic more slowly on the outside.  After about a month people started telling me how fabulous I was looking and that I’d lost some weight, but it was really after about a year that the long term effect started to become noticeable to me.  I had so much energy.  And I could concentrate.  The effect on my brain chemistry was profound.  I slept like a baby, woke like a baby.  Could run around all day, focus on several things at once, look after a young child and feel like I had as much energy as I needed.  I become thin and muscular without becoming wiry and Ive maintained that body for the last ten years.  While my friends started to droup and drop I have got almost tighter and firmed.  My bum is still a round hard muscle.  My arms are lean and lith.  Sure my eyes have lots of smile lines but I my eyes are bright and cheerful.  I feel happy inmyself almost all the time.  It has allowed me to build up a waldrobe that I love.  Lots of slim pants, lovely tops of gorgeous materials. Shoes to die for.  Lots of marc jabocs shoes.  And I started a jewellery collection that I’m so proud of.  Today my clothes are very simple.  Lots of black and white with colour mainly in the accessories.  Beautiful gemstones and interesteing shoes.  And of course hand bags.  But its my body that I feel so good in.  The diet of high omega 3s, lots of fresh fruits and vegs and very few starchy things has become the norm for me.  I desire very little else.  G and I often go to japaneese resturants and eat lots of raw fish and we love it.  Every night, and I have for 10 years now I listen to a mediation that helps my body to want to be thin.  And now that is just what it is.  It wants to be thin so it gives me the signals to be thin.  Its living into a thin future.  Just like I’ve been living into a very abunant future.  Full of love and riches and sales and light and ideas and creativity.  It has served me very well this future.  I do yoga almost every day now too.  When I’m in Queestwon I do bikram in the winter because I love the heat.  I always have.  I do it when I’m visiting wellington each year for my wellington exhibition as well.  I don’t do it in Auckland becuase I find its hot enough here for me. I only like to do it in the winter.  But it makes me feel fit and strong and full of life. It keeps me firm and happy and full of energy. I would do it every single day for a year if I could.   Maybe I’ll do that next year.


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