The trip through france….

A couple of years ago I went to france.  I’d been thinking about the trip for about 15 years.  A credit card tour through France is what I always said I’d like to do.  In the end, it was pretty much that.  There were 6 of us.  We had a mini van, a driver who we paid to drive, give directions and find interesting routes to take, places to stay, eating house etc.  I remember it as smiling for a month.  While it was a ‘bike’ trip.  It was also an eating trip, an art trip and a giggling trip.  We joked and rode and had a blast.  All six of us ended up riding everday that we rode.  We stayed in a variety of vinyards and pensions. Took back roads.  Learned a little french.  Eat to our hearts content.  Had a few wee races.  Did an average of 100kms a day.  We all had the same light road bikes which made it easy for our guy to fix them and clean them every day.  By the end of it we were relaxed, fit, tanned and generally delighted with life.  Not that we were not anyo of those things to begin with, but we were even more those things at the end.  G and I were really lucky in that we were upgraded to first class on the way.  I had so many air points from my exhibition travels that we fly in absolute luxury.  It was the first time I’d flown first and such a buzz to do it with him.  Maddie stayed at home and Miggles came and stayed with her.  It worked out that she didn’t ahve to miss any school.  Mum made her dinner every night and Noelene came and stayed for the weekends.  I think she actually enjoyed a break from us.  We of course skyped here every other day.  Miggles and Noelene loved it too. We had just finished building our house in Waiheke so they enjoyed the new house.  Mum was a darling looking after the garden.  And I think she enjoyed using the big computer to do her research on.  I got a copy of the program she uses so that she didn’t have to lug her computer every time she travelled.  It gave me amazing inspiration for my paintings that month in france. They became softer and lighter and almost see through.  I began to find the most amazing things to paint on and while lots of poeple make art using things they find, it wasn’t just the finding that I liked. It was the spirtual presence behind what I was finding. In my morning mediations I would see things, I would imagine things and then they would become real to me. It was like how they talk in the course of mircales, you no longer have to do anything, you just have to give let a desire go into space and it was manifest itself.  It was at this time that I really began to be a witness to the unfolding of my life, rather than trying to struggle on.  I became so excited about my desires and my ability to manifest I began to understand the book taht I might write.  That is why that trip is such a cherished memory for me.


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