Business in the minds eye

Speedrenting was the business that I got invovled in that really took off.  I mean, totally off.  It is now a world-wide phenonomen that has changed the way people all over the globe interview potential flatmates, roommates etc.  Its in citys and universities all over NZ, OZ, the US, UK, Europe, Canada, part of south america, and many other countries in Europe.  I’d had a few buseinsses before Speedrenting, but this is the one that became a success.  With Liz at the helm it was hard for it not to.  And the thing I love the most is we didnt’ dance to a common tune.  We didn’t follow the perscribed path of being an entrepreneur.  But we did believe and we worked very smart.  We bouyed each other up when it felt like we were falling down.  And then, it just all happened. After dribbling along for years it just hit the tipping point and off it went, unstoppable.  We had a bar in Auckland back in 2010 that made a tv comercial for us on Juice TV and that commercial became such a hit that it got sent around the globe on email.  It was on Youtube and suddenly we had bars all over the world approaching us to have speedrenting evernts.  We had thought that we’d have to steadily take it into other countries, but before we new it we were employing an international franchise manager and we were going global.  Liz and I never lost sight of what was important to us.  We still had holidays in Queenstown. Maddie was still the most important thing in my life. We still went out for dinner with friends.  We could still talk about lots of other things other than speedrenting.  And we had so much fun.  We would whoop with laugher and giggle.  We even got told, years ago from a person who helped coach other entrepureners that she had no faith in our ability. Oh how we laughed at that.  Of course we took it seriously at first, but then realised that we raelly shouldn’t take that kind of thing seriously and just get on with it.  We shot the TV ad the next week, and well the rest is history.  So cool.


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