Abunance vizualisation

I have a vizualisation I like to do.  Its about abundance.  I’ve been doing it for years and years and I never tire of it.  Firstly I sit very comfortably.  Either on a ball or in a chair with my feet on the ground.  Being outside with the feel of the sun on my face makes it even better, but inside is just as good.  Then I gently close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. I let everything wash out of my system.  I let go of all my thoughts, all my feelings. I notice them and then just let them dissapear.  The I imagine myself sitting on a beautifully carved large golden throne. I’m in a room that feels like its from a mystical castle.  Everything is ornate and beautiful and old and glowing and full of richness and love.  I imagine other people also sitting in thrones around the room.  Then I imagine a soft, bright golden light shining into the room and envoloping all of us.   Its warm and peaceful and full of love.  I feel every cell in my body taking the light and warmth in.  I feel it liven me up and send energy to every part of my body.  I imagine how this source of light is an eternal source of abunance and that from it flows riches that are never ending.  Very ray of sunlight represents riches beyound what any human on earth has manged to capture.  All of Bill gates forutne can be captured in one ray of this light.  And the light flows though me freely.  It flows into me and though me and onto others.  There is enough light for every person, every thing on earth.  We can all tap into it.  I imagine every cell in my body relaising that these riches are natural for them.  That they are gravitating towards these riches at every moment. I bask in this knowlegde of abunance for a few moments and then I bring myself back to my life and whats going on at the present.  For example, when working in my Hauraki Rd studio, I would imagine people coming in and feel the warm of the abuance light and feel drawn into my paintings.  I would see the empty space on the wall from where they had bought the painting.  I would see red dots covering the calander that month.  I would see my bank account growing.  I would see G and I making plans for our new house.  I would see our trips to Queenstown in a feeling of excitement and light.  We could buy what we wanted.  And I would return to more enquirs about more paintings.  I would also see a buzz and furore around Speedrenting.  I could see the events humming and the journalists buzzing.  I would imagine heady times.  Very cool.


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