The house

One of the biggest pleasures I had in the last 10 years in building the houses for our family.  We built the first one in Waiheke.  Justin and Lou did the designs and G and I built it.  We stayed in Hauraki road and built a smalish place, we used every inch of space we could, smartly and well.  It won a couple of awards for both Assembly and Graeme.  I love that house with all my might and loved the whole process of building it.  The thing I love the most about it is the finsihing.  We decided to make it as high spec as we could.  The wooden floors feel soft underfoot.  Not clippy and hard like vener can.  I love the rough unevenness of them.  And the rich almost blue colour they pick up from the sea.  All our windows are double glazed so that our little pot belly heats the house beautifully in the winter.  We totally opened up the views when we built the house so it truly has 360 views.  We can look around the whole island it feels like from different parts of the house.  The sun is always shining in somewhere – particularly in the winter, so it always feels light.  My studio gets the morning light.  I love being in their first thing and dancing in the light and happiness of it all.  Our bedroom is the room I love the most.  The way Just and Lou have crated a private space for us that feel homely and warm and loving is remarkable.  It was that room that I think made the judges sit up and take notice.  We have grown to love each other through the process of the house and living in that room together that I love.  its not a large room – and in fact – like our old room its just a bed room.  The ensuite and waldrobes are behind us with just the view in front of us. It means all our mess is always out of site.  Its a lovely tidy room without really having to think much about being tidy.  Its easy for our housekeeper to keep it clean.  The other thing I love about the house is there is lots of room for dinners and entertaining.  We seem always to have guests.  Which we both love.  I have grown fonder and fonder of cooking over the years and Maddie is quite the wee chef herself.  I’m just as happy making a dinner for a bunch of her giggling friends as I am for people our own age.  Its easy for Maddie to have a bunch of friends to stay the night and not have the place feel over run.  Once we are up in our bedroom, we can hear them but don’t feel crowed by them.  I love that.  It one of the most simple houses I’ve ever lived in.  Clean, simple, quite yet full of life and vitality and love and light.  It’s the house that I used to dream about for years before it ever became real. That’s why I keep believing in my dreams.


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  1. justy Says:

    i love winning awards

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