A life to look forward to…

So this is it.  A day in a created life.  The energy is just pouring into me now.  I stand in front of my canvases and I can literally feel the paintings flowing to me.  I have to capture them as they come out of me, before they decide to head off and find someone else.  I sleep like a baby.  I wake like a baby. I’m happy like a baby.  I’m uplifed like a baby.  My paintings go out the door as fast as I can paint them.  I’m decerning about what I paint.  I have a waiting list of people who want my paintings.  I have sell out shows.  Red dots fill up my calendar these days. My price has gone up and up.  I’m now selling about 50 paintings a year for about 5 grand each.  With this money I’ve allowed Graeme to build us a house of our own.  I’m so excited that I’ve helping him to achieve his dream.  It makes us stronger as a couple.  We make love like teenagers again.  We revel in each others bodies.  Feeling newly awake and totally confident in each other.  The abundance in our lives we like to share with others.  Anne-Marie and Jane are both also sort after artists.  Selling out every time they show.  They have lost the need to paint for an audience and truely paint from their heart. The three of us have all let go at the same time and its created a buzz.  A sort of excitment in the art world of artists feeling proud on a world stage.  We show all over the world now.  In London and Milan and New York and La and Melbourne and Sydney and of course Auckland and Wellington.  I love travelling to all those places. I love seeing Speedrenting in all those places.  I love knowing that I’ve made it easier for people all over the world to find good flatamates.  Liz these days almost always comes to my shows.  We often leave Maddie with G for a weekend and go and look at some galleries or do a day spa.  Then we meet up with the boys and do a hike or go diving and take in a couple of great resturants.  Its a lot of fun.  We took Noelene and Miggles with us last time.  They


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