Living a blessed life…

Sometimes I like to close my eyes and just let my mind drift.  Drift off into the happy places it will go.  Its taken a few years, but now that I’m more practiced at it, my mind just loves going to the good stuff.  It goes to the place of abunance and love and conection.  And that always follows in my world.  With my art for example, I can’t but feel the excitement.  The pleasure of standing in front of a canvas with the buzz of a painting inside me.  I feel it flowing out of me.  I feel the people around me being drawn to my paintings.  I love the feel of my brushes on the canvas and watching the paintings unfold in front of me.  I love seeing people come in and fall in love with them.  And they do.  They really do.  I love watching their faces and seeing their reactions and knowing that I have somehow made their lives a little bit better.  And I love knowing that when other artists are in my presence they feel the inspiration of being an artist.  We become connected.  We bounce of each other.  We feed of each other and the creativity becomes more and more enhanced for all of us.  This way of painting has bought abunance to my door.  It brings me a life full of spiritual abunance, love, a house I love.  I’m moving towards my house now.  I can feel it.  I can close my eyes and I see myself in my house designed my Justin and lou. Its light and airy and warm and homely and sophisiticated.  I have a cleaner that comes everyday.  And I feel the warm sense of achievement everytime I stop and think of that house.  I feel it pulling me towards it.  I feel a gravitational pull towards and when I’m in it I feel a sense of rightness.  It has been calling me for a long time.  Sometimes I believe in it so strongly, I’m sure I take many quick steps towards it.  The veiw is uplifting and large and peaceful and the sea always is.  Even on stormy days it peaceful.  In my house I’m surrounded by love.  Graeme, the love of my life is a steadfast presence by my side.  He built the house and source of pride for both of us.  Maddie in her gorgoesusness with all her frinds and noise.  Its never totally quiet if she is home.  A sound I’ve love.  Even though I bask in quietness, I seek it out like a cat for a warm roof, I love her noise. Its comforting.  Its homely.  Its my family.   I am very lucky to have all these things available to me.  To be the creator of my own destiny.  The destiny that I desire.  The house, the love the abunance for my art and my writing.  I close my eyes and that is what I see.  Its drawing me towards it like a mosquite to the light.  Its like I’ve unlocked the secret of the universe and I’m on its path.   Ye ha….


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