The minds eye again…

I love the holidays I’ve had over the years with Liz and Hilary.   Fun is the name of the game and comes in many vises.  We get our nails done, we shop, we talk about boys, just like any other set of girls.  And we also go moutain biking, and hiking and camping and swimming in the surf and doing all sorts of crazy things.  We like to go to a place and check out what’s on, what are the hottest resturants, where are the best hiking locations, which are the coolest hotels. Not the most expensive or the flashiest, but the coolist.  Intersting rooms, great food, fun people.  We always laugh till we burst.  We have had lots of other people join us over the years, Anna, Fiona, Clare, Robyn, but its always the three of us that go on a consistant basis.  This year because I’m fifty we are doing a special trip.  We are going cycling through france on our credit cards. We have a back up van who is going to take all our stuff from vinyard to vinyard, where we will stay each night.  We will have a week in Paris going to art galleries and then a week in Nice at the beach and we will ride between the two taking back roads and staying in little pensions, vinyards and inns. Can’t wait. The boys are joining us for a week.  Mark, G and Fred.  And we are having two weeks without them.  I’m going to get a train to Italy after that with G and have a weekend in venice for our anniversery.  I can’t wait.  I want to eat italian food, so does G and stay in a cutsy little romantic hotel.  We are so spolit.  We really are.  I love it.  And to think this is how my life is turning out.  Full of abunance.  Of love, of fun, of friends, of adventures, of art, of fame and fortune and of health and vitality.  It all justs comes to me. I meditate everyday, I make ammends when I need to, I contantly challenge myself and this the fabulous, blessed life I have.  FABULOUS.


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