In the minds eye…

I wonder what happens if I just let my imagination run wild.  Its very hard to seperate real creativity from that which is directed from the present.  If I can let go of what I think I want my life to turn out like and really feel a call towards my desires, I wonder what the difference is.  So here goes.  Maddie has just turned 10 and I’ve just turned 50.  She will never forget me turning 50 and neither will I.  We had a party so perfect I couldn’t have scripted it myself.  Not big.  Not flashy or anything.  We started the day, me Maddie and G with a breakfast in bed.  It was June so we were in Queenstown.  There was no snow yet, so we got up after breakfast and went for a walk in the hills.  A good solid trump.  We did our usual fun competitive stuff to see who could get to the top of the hill first.  I’ve got faster and faster in the last few years.  Easity keeping up with G, who loves that I can.  He is so proud of me it fills up my heart.  Maddie still can’t keep up with us, so we give her little head starts that get smaller and smaller. She loves it.  We panted and pushed. I felt happy in my tights and jacket and hat out there with my family.  Later in the day, Justin and the wright clan turned up, we collected Jane and David from the airport.  David and Ann arrived and Mum and her man came over.  Justin cooked for us cos he is the best cook and we had one of those all afternoon and evening meals.  The kids are look after themselves now.  They spent most of the afternoon outside kicking around with the bikes and stuff.  We all drank wine and laughed and had a good time.  I’m going away in a couple of weeks with Liz and Hilary and Fiona and half a dozen other girl friends for a weekend of pampering and girly fun to celebrate.  Can’t wait.


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