Seeing my way forward…

What a gorgeous day.  I’m in my queentown house now.  Up on the crown range.  Its winter, so the peaks, like little ice cream cones are white tipped and twinkling.  I find it an almost irristable inviation.  Maddie and G are up skiing.  They like to go early.  I do too, but not always.  I sometimes like it when they go off and the house is quiet.  That winter quiet is very different from the summer quiet.  There is the rattle of the fire, which I have to keep getting up to stoke and that’s about it.  The birds don’t sign, the animals stay put.  Its a kind of serence beauty that informs my paintings these days.  This winter series that I’m painting is filling me up.  I stand in front of my fresh clean canvases and feel a painting coming to me.  I trust it these days.  Its taken years and years to develop that trust, but now that I have it, I cherish it.  I’ve talked for years with Anne-Marie about it and she feels it too.  Her paintings started selling very well about the same time as mine.  We had those two sell out shows together back in 2011 and since then neither of us have looked back.  We are so blessed. Every year we do a residency together and have a show with the work.  Both of our work has changed, although its still very obviously ours.  Its gorgeous.  I have calendars every year that are filled with red dots.  Each year the dots get more crowed and more valuable.  Its been a great way, over the years to plot my progress in terms of sales.  I like the feel of putting a red dot on the calendar.  I feel a sense of pride and of joy.  Joy of course for myself, but more than that, a sense of joy for the person who has bought it.  I stop for a moment and give the painting a blessing.  I send it off and hope the person gets sometthing from it for the rest of there lives.  I hope it inspiries them to think about themselves.  I hope it gives them courage.  And I hope they never look at it and don’t see it any more.  I’ve been an artist now for almost 20 years.  There are artists who are comming on every year and they too give me inspiration.  Since we sold Speedrenting and G has built our two houses I have felt a wonderful sense of peace.  Not that I didn’t feel peace before hand, but it was almost like it solidifid our relatinonship.  It gave us a bond.  Not quite as strong as the maddie bond, but up there, near those proportions. It has been very satisfying thing to do.  We redeveped Waiheke and built in Queenstown. Both designed by Justin and Lou.  They are my favourite houses in the world.  Soft and gental and homely and timeless.  I walk into them and feel immediately at home.  They are always full of people.  I’d imagined for years a house busy with friends and when it came true my heart leaped with joy…


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