Creating a good mental picture…

It was back in 2010 where I started to get really juiced up for where I’m at now.   Here I am, sitting in my karen walker dress (a designer I don’t often buy, but you should see this dress, soft, fitted, colourful in a subtle delicate way) my tiffeny dimond earrings that G bought for me (so cherished) and tory wedding and engagment rings.  I have simple undies on an a pair of marc jacobs that I love scuffling around the house in, looking out over my view that never gets old. We’ve been on Waiheke for 10 years now and I never get sick of the view.  We lived on the north side for years, Graeme built our house (now our holiday house) and here I am.  I have a studio here, I have my writing room.  I have my mountain bikes and we love it.   We spend most of the year now in Queenstown.  Maddie is a talented skier and Mountain biker so it works for her to go to school down there, but we love coming here in the summer.  I even still love coming here in the winter.  I come still for the open studio day on Waiheke.  I love talking to the poeple.  I get asked why I still do it when there is such a demand for my paintings.  I have dealers who would like me to keep away from the public, but I get more from talking to folks that I can put a price on.  It informs my art.  It keeps me fresh.  I particulaly value the catching up with the other artists. The up and coming younger ones.  The older more established ones.  I love it.  I’m here by myself for a week.  Its bliss.  I miss G and Maddie of course.  And I like the feeling of missing them.  They are so much part of me now, that when I go back to join them I am filled with a deep sense of belonging and loving, but I’ve never lost my love of a few quiet days alone.  I like to write on my books and paint my pictures.  I like girlfriends coming to stay.  Lizzie is coming tomorrow and we’re treating ourselves to a massage and then a lunch at Mudbrick.  We will have a good old girly giggle.  We will never grow out of it!!  We love watching Speedrenting gather moment.  Its a world wide institution now.  People don’t show people a flat now unless they have meet at Speedrenting.  We are in 56 countries.  Amazing to believe.  We sold the business three years ago now for 25 million.  Pretty impressive.  What with my new book deal, that deal and the interest in my art, we have an extraordinary life.  Not that the money makes for a good life.  It was great 10 years ago.  When maddie was just born and we earned less than 100k between us we felt rich then.  We have a surplus.  But I’ve loved the challenge.  The game of it.  And I’ve learned to play with joy and detachment.  Sometimes I fall on my face, but generally I’m in with a grin.


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