Living a created life…

Being 50 is a priviledge when you have your health, your relationship, your work life all humming.  Some people find 50 hard or weird or somehow ‘bad’.  I don’t.  In fact I like it.  I’m in the prime of my life and certainly the peak of my success thus far.  My body is free from aches and pains, I’m slimmer than I was 10 years ago.  I think it was then that I started losing some weight, certainly not loads, but I just trimmed down and tighted up and I’ve felt full of life and energy since.  I’ve run the routeburn every year since I was 41 and loved it. I think I’ve won my category at least 5 times.  I eat what I want, my sex life rocks and feel fit and vital every morning.  I’m looking forward to the joys that the next 1o years brings.  I remember vividly my studio at Hauraki road when I was making it a good place to paint.  I started out with the office in the back and the studio in the middle, but that never quite worked.  It wasn’t until I moved the office into the front and had the studio out the back that the place really started humming.  It was brilliant actually.  The office felt full of creativity and activity and fun.  Maddie had a wee corner where she could play.  And my studio.  That was a where I made my first sell out collection.  It just happened without me knowing.  Cable bay took a gamble on me and had a mid winter show of my work.  It sold out on the first night.  We had a lot of publicity for it and it was a great time of year.  One where people were feeling good about them selves.  They felt good in the space and I was fresh and new to them.  I remember talking to the poeple at the show and I felt relaxed and connected and very present.  I took something out of that night.  I remember seeing all the red dots going up and instead of feeling the glee or ego that I have felt in the past I felt calm and steady.  I didn’t take any of them for granted.  I think I was a little detached.  I took a lot from that and shows over the past ten years I have taken that calm, detached but terribly present feeling into.  What a pleasure.  I also had that feeling about my month in Wellington, which I will talk more about.  Looking back that was ten years ago the first time I did that month.  Jane and Anne were my colegues then and it has been a joy to see them develop alongside me.  I’ve seen them grow and move into themselves and its given me so much to go on.  I remember seeing red dots all over the gallery at theres when we had an exhibition together.  It was our second one togeather and by far the best.  Our work shone as a group.  It was extraordinary work.  Clean.  Meaningful.  Engaging.  Intriguing.  And deeply spiritual.  For all of us.


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