Feeling the wealth…

Just like Jon Gabriel understands that to be slim your body has to want to be thin. It has to drive you to make thin person decisions, you desire to eat in a way that allows your body to be thin, it wants to get rid of any energy that comes in, it wants to be fit and fast.  To be thin there has to be no forceing or coercing.  It has to happen from a unconcious level.  In the case of the body of course, it has to be from a phyisological level. But just like Jon, back in the early years of the century, fundamentally changed thinking about the way to achieve weight lose and health, we are starting to see how wealth is driven in the same way.  At 50, now that I have a level of wealth that I only dreamed of ten years ago – it just flows to met.  My exhibitions always sell out, I have commissions booked.  I have a passive income from my Speedrenting days that I could live on itself.  My share portfolio has made remarkable leaps and bounds over the years.  I now feel that wealth just comes to me.  I am happy with it and comfortable with it. It feels right for me.  There is no struggle or fret, or pretending its okay when its not.  And when I look back I see that I made a fundamental shift back in 2010.  Before that it had been a struggle. I was attached to the idea of creating wealth. I did a lot of pretending that I believed I could be wealthy, but underneath I didn’t really believe it.  Then it changed.  I relaxed.  I felt happy with my position as it was.  I stopped fighting.  I stopped worrying.  And I started feeling like it was on its way.  In no hurry.  And with no desperation or bother.  But just a lovely peaceful knowing that it was happening. It was happening out there in the universe.  Just like losing weight was happening right there at the levels of my cells.  They were getting revved up to use the energy that they needed.  I was taking my omega 3s.  I was taking my probiotics. I was eating live foods. I was listening to my body.  I was getting protein and I was visulaizing everyday.  With my wealth, I was doing the same.  I was visulaizing every day seeing myself as a wealthy person.  I saw myself living in a house designed by Justin and Lou. The house has furniture that pleased me to sit in it. Cupboards full of falavoursome organic foods.  My studio, just like the one I have now.  I saw myself depoisiting large checks in the bank.  I saw lots of red dots on my paintings and other peoples paintings.  I saw us traveling to london for shows and then cycling around europe visiting art galleries and trekking in the mountains and saying in beautiful places.  I saw myself giving people gifts that made their hearts sign.  Buying my mum a house in Wellington near her friends so she didn’t have to worry anymore.  I saw having a big holiday house and shouting the whole family to come and stay with us.  And all those things have come true.  The biggest thing though was knowing, back then, that if none of it had happened it would have been okay, because I had become truely happy with what I had.  That the ceative ball of fire in my belly didn’t need ‘things’ or results, it just needed expressing. And that it got!!!


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