Visualization 2

Looking back on 2010 it was a year that changed my life.  So many things happened that year. Maddie learned to walk and talk.  Not with much skill but with a huge confidence that taught me a thing or two.  One thing in particular was that when we start things we are passionate and committed to, we have wobbly legs at first.  It was a year of wobbly wealth.  I would have a great month, think I had it sorted, then I’d fall flat on my face.  But as the year progressed so did my expertise.  By the end of the year I had uncannily regular art sales.  At least a painting a week, by and large in the vacinity of $2000 each.  I was painting two full days a week.  Or at least working on my art.  Graemes mum would come for two days and stay a night in between.  It was a time of getting to know Maddie, or inspired painting and of getting known in the art world.  There were two articles written about me that year, one on me personally and one in conjuction with Jane Blackmore and Anne-Marie Jean who were also becoming sort after artists.  It was a beautiful time for us all.  Each year, we decided then, we would have at least two weeks painting together as a sort of professional development and just plain fun time.  In addition to my painting Speedrenting took off that year.  It was also a very slow and shaky start.  It progressed at about the rate of Maddies development, never quite as fast as we wanted in the beginning, but once we were up and running we had to go into ‘tame the beast’ mode.  We had 15 bars around NZ running speedrenting events every Wednesday with about 30 to 50 people turning up at each one.  It was a full time job for Lizzie and I was spending at least a day a week on it.  The other two days, as an extraordinary turn of events I had a wonderful part time job.  I had 16 hours a week of branding and marketing consulting.  It paid about 150 per hour, which in those days we fabulous money to have on a regular basis.  That was $2400 each week coming in and it was interesting work.  I was working for a small accounting firm, that thanks to my efforts turned out in the end to be much bigger than a small firm.  They were different and edgy and got some extraorinary press coverage.  It started off by sending me to conference saying ‘I’m not an accountant, but I want to be one’  and we just went from there.  2010 was the year I stopped pretending I wasn’t worried about money, stopped pretending I had it all sorted financially and just stared BEING a magnet for money.  Started BEING a sort after artist.  Started BEING someone who can be relied on financially. It was quite a shift and quite a fun one.


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