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the waiheke gallery

March 31, 2010

The opening of the new waiheke gallery, toi, coincided with the raise of Jane, Anne and my own fame.  In fact that year it opened we had a show there together and it was a huge success.  They were the only non-waiheke artists that were allowed to show there.  Because of their link to me.  We had a sponsor who bought boat loads of guests to the gallery to have nibbles and wine and then onto cable bay for dinner.  It was very cool.  I sold out, in fact we all sold out in the first three nights.  The rest of the two weeks that it was on, we took commissions.  We got some great publicity from that show too. Becuase we had advertised in art news they did are big follow up article about us and metro had pics in their whats happening around auckland mag.  It got the ball rolling.  We have gone onto having shows all around the world from that show.  The three of us, sometimes being joined by Alison from Byron Bay, but mainly the three of us.  I like to close my eyes at night and reel back the years to when it was all happening for us.  Its a distant memory now, but I’ll never forget it.  I can even remeber the dress I wore on the opening night. I world dress I’d be eyeing up for months.  It was a little symbol to myself that it was my night.  Cable bay had put on the wine because of the connection they forged with the law firm that sponsored us.  And becuase of the other poeple on the island taht came to the show.  The Colins, the Fords, the Gows, the Todds, the Fyfes, the Hearts and all the others that people like Cable bay liek to keep close at hand.   There I was in my dress, feeling like a million bucks, drinking a gorgeous rose and chatting to all my neighbours, or semi neigbours and knowing that my paintings were going back to their houses soon.  Thoese were good times.  I remember Anne-Marie got a huge commission for a house down at the bottom end.  A three meter long peice. It gave her huge confidnece to paint on a large scale.  It’s her strongest work.  I can’t remember exactly, but our london show came after that.  We had Air New Zeland sponsor us becuase the Fyfes live on the island and they wanted to take a show over to london to wine and dine their compatriotes in Haymarket.  Fun times.  I got a new dress for that show too.  I even got G excited about comeing shopping with me for it!!  How that happened, I’ll never know.  Those are gooed memories, now, 10 years down the track, to hold onto.


Speedrenting, those early heady days

March 31, 2010

Speedrenting is the forth business that I have been involved in starting.  So I guess you could call me a serial entrupreneur.  I like the ring of it. And I like the thrill of the start.  The possibilites for the business are always so endless in those first few years.  I always learn way more that I put in.  I guess you could call it a cheap education with huge potentail returns.  The returns for the other businesses have been realitively small.  It wasn’t until Speedrenting that we really hit the big time.  Now that we are in 16 countries, running in 10 laungages and almost a world wide name.  We have been won a few awards for being good business people.  We won entrepruesue of the year award (well Lizzie did) a couple of years ago, just before she sold the business.  We sold for about 50 million. That meant I got 10 million.  I owned 20% of the business at that point and I was very happy with that.  It set G and I up for life basically.  We built our houses that Just and Lou designed.  the overriding memory I have of speedrenting is the fun we had. The hysterical laughing we would get into sometimes.  The excitement that we had that we were actually making the thing work.  A couple of old ducks doing a young persons business.  We loved too that we were breaking all the rules.  We got told a couple of times along the way by people who are ‘experts’ that we were doing it all wrong.  We had people say they had no faith in us.  But we had faith in ourselves.  In fact it was unsakable and unfailingly determined.  that was us.  It took liz a few years of false starts and it took a little longer than expected, but once it took off, boy did it take off.  It hit the tipping point very early on.  When looking back we could not have timed it more perfectly.  We got our ducks in a row just as the facebook advertzing phenonomen took off and we rode the crest of that wave.  We took off with one of the facebook marketplace applications and away we went.  We didn’t have to sell anything to the bars anymore – they started coming to us.  We thought it would take a year to get ten bars up and running, but it only took 4 months.  That’s the thing with facebook – once it goes it goes.  And everybody all of a sudden wanted to meet people at speedrenting rather than at their flats.  It was so much cooler and easier and safer.  Ten years down the track I sometimes think about starting another business.  I would work with liz again, but I like writing my books and painting for my exhibitions and thinking back on thoese crazy businesses days with delight and love.  Its nice to know that I’ve left the world a slightly bigger place.  And a slightly different place. One that is more fun, safer and better all round.

The red dot…

March 29, 2010

There is something about the red dot as an artist that is fundamentally appealing.  Its shape and colour can be seen even if its minute, particuarly on a white wall.  I have calendars full of them.  Each month detailing the paintings that I’ve sold.  I like to close my eyes and imagine the red dots filling up the calendar from now.  I feel myself peeling the little dot off the piece of paper and sticking it to the date.  The satisfaction of another painting sold.  I like that.  It makes me feel good that people are getting enjoyment out of my work.  It reminds me of how many I’ve sold and it makes me feel good about how many I have to go.  I love when they get together in wee clumps.  Huddling like they want to be part of a community.  And even thought the paintings are often out at different locations its a physical reminder that they once shared a wall.  I know I can photographs of that wall with all the art on it, but for me the dots are a more viseral memory of a show.  I flick back and its real for me.  The people that came.  The paintings that I’d been making.  The hanging of the show.  The anxious nervousness beforehand, would anyone turn up.  The butterflies thoughout the show.  The blessing I”d give them as they went to different owners.  The lovely seen of contribution as people claimed them for there walls.  Whenever I see a red dot now I smile inside.  Its like a little private conversation between me and it. Yes, it says, I am here for you.  I am a demonstation that your paintings are important to people.  And to lots and lots of people.  People who over the last ten years have grown in exponential numbers.  Sales dribbled in for years until I turned 40.  Then I did that brain science study and I suddenly became more well known.  I started getting calls out of the blue.  Poeple started turning up in droves to my studio.  I had two annual shows that were sell out successes.  It was heady times.  And now, that I’m 50 I feel proud of what I’ve done.  Proud and satisfied.  And I’m looking forward to the next ten.

The wallace arts trust award…

March 28, 2010

Becoming a finalist in the Wallace Arts Award was another turning point back in 2010.  There were so many that year.  I guess that was the year I got my head together.  Or should I say I got my head out of the way.  I started relying on my intuition, really allowing my desires to be known, and beliving wholeheartedly in them. And then doing what I had to do to bring those desires to be.  For me that meant a lot of vizulazation, a lot of taking the next step a lot of letting go of what I thought I knew, and a lot of acceptane of where I was and a lot of dancing in the moment.  I started really loving life.  Partly I think because I became healthy.  I had the nuturiets I needed to function well.  I ate well.  I respected my body. My brain started having energy to think.  It was no longer against me.  For years before that I had be working just to get ontop of my moods.  Of fighting food cravings.  Of being in a body I felt uncomfortballe in.  And then it all sort of came together.  I started loveing my body. Not because it became more lovealbe but because it needed love.  I respected it.  I accepted it and I feed it well.  And it responsed in the most amazing way.  It let go of weight.  It stopped derieing foods that were not good for it.  It had energy.  And my brain was part of that.  It started functioning properly.  It gave up the depressing past.  It got excited about its desires. It started to love itself and other people.  It became connected in a way that it never new before.  And I look back over the last ten years and can see the marked difference that year.  I became slim.  I became sucessful.  I stopped raalling against the world.  I became at one with it.  I didn’t judge myself harshely when things didn’t go how I expected.  And the most amazing things started to happen.  I became a finalist in the wallace art award.  And I won the waiheke art award.  Can you believe it.  I had entered a few times before and never even been a finalist and then all of a sudden with my shell works they were what the judges were looking for.  It was an extraordinary feeling.  The same with the wallace trust award.  It was a smallish peice. About 400 by 400 on a beautiful peice of whitewashed wood.  The gains were visable in the background and the realisty of the shell stuck on where a beautiful mixture.  And I becane to make them into the most peaceful beaufitul shapes. always moving out from one another.  It was then taht I got invited to be in a group show with the folks down in Wellington.  I got a whole bunch of offers from galleries around the country.  It was quite extraordary.  And I think that was the year that Anne-Marie won the award.  So very cool.

Jon Gabriel, the long term effects

March 28, 2010

It was about 10 years ago that I was introduced to Jon Gabriel.  The effect inside was dramatic intiatially and then dramatic more slowly on the outside.  After about a month people started telling me how fabulous I was looking and that I’d lost some weight, but it was really after about a year that the long term effect started to become noticeable to me.  I had so much energy.  And I could concentrate.  The effect on my brain chemistry was profound.  I slept like a baby, woke like a baby.  Could run around all day, focus on several things at once, look after a young child and feel like I had as much energy as I needed.  I become thin and muscular without becoming wiry and Ive maintained that body for the last ten years.  While my friends started to droup and drop I have got almost tighter and firmed.  My bum is still a round hard muscle.  My arms are lean and lith.  Sure my eyes have lots of smile lines but I my eyes are bright and cheerful.  I feel happy inmyself almost all the time.  It has allowed me to build up a waldrobe that I love.  Lots of slim pants, lovely tops of gorgeous materials. Shoes to die for.  Lots of marc jabocs shoes.  And I started a jewellery collection that I’m so proud of.  Today my clothes are very simple.  Lots of black and white with colour mainly in the accessories.  Beautiful gemstones and interesteing shoes.  And of course hand bags.  But its my body that I feel so good in.  The diet of high omega 3s, lots of fresh fruits and vegs and very few starchy things has become the norm for me.  I desire very little else.  G and I often go to japaneese resturants and eat lots of raw fish and we love it.  Every night, and I have for 10 years now I listen to a mediation that helps my body to want to be thin.  And now that is just what it is.  It wants to be thin so it gives me the signals to be thin.  Its living into a thin future.  Just like I’ve been living into a very abunant future.  Full of love and riches and sales and light and ideas and creativity.  It has served me very well this future.  I do yoga almost every day now too.  When I’m in Queestwon I do bikram in the winter because I love the heat.  I always have.  I do it when I’m visiting wellington each year for my wellington exhibition as well.  I don’t do it in Auckland becuase I find its hot enough here for me. I only like to do it in the winter.  But it makes me feel fit and strong and full of life. It keeps me firm and happy and full of energy. I would do it every single day for a year if I could.   Maybe I’ll do that next year.

The trip through france….

March 26, 2010

A couple of years ago I went to france.  I’d been thinking about the trip for about 15 years.  A credit card tour through France is what I always said I’d like to do.  In the end, it was pretty much that.  There were 6 of us.  We had a mini van, a driver who we paid to drive, give directions and find interesting routes to take, places to stay, eating house etc.  I remember it as smiling for a month.  While it was a ‘bike’ trip.  It was also an eating trip, an art trip and a giggling trip.  We joked and rode and had a blast.  All six of us ended up riding everday that we rode.  We stayed in a variety of vinyards and pensions. Took back roads.  Learned a little french.  Eat to our hearts content.  Had a few wee races.  Did an average of 100kms a day.  We all had the same light road bikes which made it easy for our guy to fix them and clean them every day.  By the end of it we were relaxed, fit, tanned and generally delighted with life.  Not that we were not anyo of those things to begin with, but we were even more those things at the end.  G and I were really lucky in that we were upgraded to first class on the way.  I had so many air points from my exhibition travels that we fly in absolute luxury.  It was the first time I’d flown first and such a buzz to do it with him.  Maddie stayed at home and Miggles came and stayed with her.  It worked out that she didn’t ahve to miss any school.  Mum made her dinner every night and Noelene came and stayed for the weekends.  I think she actually enjoyed a break from us.  We of course skyped here every other day.  Miggles and Noelene loved it too. We had just finished building our house in Waiheke so they enjoyed the new house.  Mum was a darling looking after the garden.  And I think she enjoyed using the big computer to do her research on.  I got a copy of the program she uses so that she didn’t have to lug her computer every time she travelled.  It gave me amazing inspiration for my paintings that month in france. They became softer and lighter and almost see through.  I began to find the most amazing things to paint on and while lots of poeple make art using things they find, it wasn’t just the finding that I liked. It was the spirtual presence behind what I was finding. In my morning mediations I would see things, I would imagine things and then they would become real to me. It was like how they talk in the course of mircales, you no longer have to do anything, you just have to give let a desire go into space and it was manifest itself.  It was at this time that I really began to be a witness to the unfolding of my life, rather than trying to struggle on.  I became so excited about my desires and my ability to manifest I began to understand the book taht I might write.  That is why that trip is such a cherished memory for me.

Business in the minds eye

March 25, 2010

Speedrenting was the business that I got invovled in that really took off.  I mean, totally off.  It is now a world-wide phenonomen that has changed the way people all over the globe interview potential flatmates, roommates etc.  Its in citys and universities all over NZ, OZ, the US, UK, Europe, Canada, part of south america, and many other countries in Europe.  I’d had a few buseinsses before Speedrenting, but this is the one that became a success.  With Liz at the helm it was hard for it not to.  And the thing I love the most is we didnt’ dance to a common tune.  We didn’t follow the perscribed path of being an entrepreneur.  But we did believe and we worked very smart.  We bouyed each other up when it felt like we were falling down.  And then, it just all happened. After dribbling along for years it just hit the tipping point and off it went, unstoppable.  We had a bar in Auckland back in 2010 that made a tv comercial for us on Juice TV and that commercial became such a hit that it got sent around the globe on email.  It was on Youtube and suddenly we had bars all over the world approaching us to have speedrenting evernts.  We had thought that we’d have to steadily take it into other countries, but before we new it we were employing an international franchise manager and we were going global.  Liz and I never lost sight of what was important to us.  We still had holidays in Queenstown. Maddie was still the most important thing in my life. We still went out for dinner with friends.  We could still talk about lots of other things other than speedrenting.  And we had so much fun.  We would whoop with laugher and giggle.  We even got told, years ago from a person who helped coach other entrepureners that she had no faith in our ability. Oh how we laughed at that.  Of course we took it seriously at first, but then realised that we raelly shouldn’t take that kind of thing seriously and just get on with it.  We shot the TV ad the next week, and well the rest is history.  So cool.

Abunance vizualisation

March 24, 2010

I have a vizualisation I like to do.  Its about abundance.  I’ve been doing it for years and years and I never tire of it.  Firstly I sit very comfortably.  Either on a ball or in a chair with my feet on the ground.  Being outside with the feel of the sun on my face makes it even better, but inside is just as good.  Then I gently close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. I let everything wash out of my system.  I let go of all my thoughts, all my feelings. I notice them and then just let them dissapear.  The I imagine myself sitting on a beautifully carved large golden throne. I’m in a room that feels like its from a mystical castle.  Everything is ornate and beautiful and old and glowing and full of richness and love.  I imagine other people also sitting in thrones around the room.  Then I imagine a soft, bright golden light shining into the room and envoloping all of us.   Its warm and peaceful and full of love.  I feel every cell in my body taking the light and warmth in.  I feel it liven me up and send energy to every part of my body.  I imagine how this source of light is an eternal source of abunance and that from it flows riches that are never ending.  Very ray of sunlight represents riches beyound what any human on earth has manged to capture.  All of Bill gates forutne can be captured in one ray of this light.  And the light flows though me freely.  It flows into me and though me and onto others.  There is enough light for every person, every thing on earth.  We can all tap into it.  I imagine every cell in my body relaising that these riches are natural for them.  That they are gravitating towards these riches at every moment. I bask in this knowlegde of abunance for a few moments and then I bring myself back to my life and whats going on at the present.  For example, when working in my Hauraki Rd studio, I would imagine people coming in and feel the warm of the abuance light and feel drawn into my paintings.  I would see the empty space on the wall from where they had bought the painting.  I would see red dots covering the calander that month.  I would see my bank account growing.  I would see G and I making plans for our new house.  I would see our trips to Queenstown in a feeling of excitement and light.  We could buy what we wanted.  And I would return to more enquirs about more paintings.  I would also see a buzz and furore around Speedrenting.  I could see the events humming and the journalists buzzing.  I would imagine heady times.  Very cool.

The house

March 23, 2010

One of the biggest pleasures I had in the last 10 years in building the houses for our family.  We built the first one in Waiheke.  Justin and Lou did the designs and G and I built it.  We stayed in Hauraki road and built a smalish place, we used every inch of space we could, smartly and well.  It won a couple of awards for both Assembly and Graeme.  I love that house with all my might and loved the whole process of building it.  The thing I love the most about it is the finsihing.  We decided to make it as high spec as we could.  The wooden floors feel soft underfoot.  Not clippy and hard like vener can.  I love the rough unevenness of them.  And the rich almost blue colour they pick up from the sea.  All our windows are double glazed so that our little pot belly heats the house beautifully in the winter.  We totally opened up the views when we built the house so it truly has 360 views.  We can look around the whole island it feels like from different parts of the house.  The sun is always shining in somewhere – particularly in the winter, so it always feels light.  My studio gets the morning light.  I love being in their first thing and dancing in the light and happiness of it all.  Our bedroom is the room I love the most.  The way Just and Lou have crated a private space for us that feel homely and warm and loving is remarkable.  It was that room that I think made the judges sit up and take notice.  We have grown to love each other through the process of the house and living in that room together that I love.  its not a large room – and in fact – like our old room its just a bed room.  The ensuite and waldrobes are behind us with just the view in front of us. It means all our mess is always out of site.  Its a lovely tidy room without really having to think much about being tidy.  Its easy for our housekeeper to keep it clean.  The other thing I love about the house is there is lots of room for dinners and entertaining.  We seem always to have guests.  Which we both love.  I have grown fonder and fonder of cooking over the years and Maddie is quite the wee chef herself.  I’m just as happy making a dinner for a bunch of her giggling friends as I am for people our own age.  Its easy for Maddie to have a bunch of friends to stay the night and not have the place feel over run.  Once we are up in our bedroom, we can hear them but don’t feel crowed by them.  I love that.  It one of the most simple houses I’ve ever lived in.  Clean, simple, quite yet full of life and vitality and love and light.  It’s the house that I used to dream about for years before it ever became real. That’s why I keep believing in my dreams.

a new day…

March 22, 2010

I started my winners bible back in 2010.  I hated the name, and in actual fact I still don’t like the name much, sort of a mixture between evangalical and Tony Robbins, but I’ve come to understand the name to be important.  These days, instead of that somewhat cynical view of the name it feels much more practical to me.  I couldn’t find anything better than saying its my guide, my tomb for all the things I want to create.  Maybe I could have called it Emma’s creation bible, but then, well, the problem with that speaks for itself.  So Emma’s winners bible stuck and now its still going.  I change it regularly.  Updating the goals as I achieve them, changing photos of people as them become important or less important, changing my strengths and weaknesses as they change.  I remember back when I started my goals were around getting my art practice up and running. About getting a fully sponored art show with three or four artists off the ground.  I strugled for years to do that.  Stopping and started.  Having limited success.  And then I got really clear about it in my winner’s bible, started visualing it everyday and it just came about easily and effortlessly.  It didn’t mean I had to do lots and extend myself and take opporuntities, but it was like I just didn’t see the opportunties before.  I was always facing the other way.  I think the visualisation and the realisation that I needed other people around me to help got me going.  And while I always had other people around me they weren’t the right people, I was too hasty in my choices.  I wasn’t clear enough about what I wanted.  Its a gorgeous thing to look back on.  The early days of the unfolding of those exhibitions.  It was like the time just became right and I stepped into it.  A venue became clear and sponsor became clear and the world welcomed it in.  I would stand in front of my canvases painting for that show and feel the paintings pouring out of me.  I could literally feel them waiting to be painted, it was a very exciting time.  Those paintings are now famous.  They have been repoduced in several reproductions and whenever people talk about NZ Art on a world stage those paintings are often cited.  Very cool times.  Anne-Marie, Jane and Alison were there too. There paintings are also famous and used in the same way.  It was exciting times for all of us back then.  Finding our feet.  Becoming comfortable with who we were. Sometimes at night, just as I’m going to bed I look around me at what I’ve created.  A house I feel so proud of.  My relationship with Graeme, who is the love of my life.  My daughter who I couldn’t love with more verocity.  My art work all over the world.  My Speedrenting business having changed the world. A body that is slim and effortlessly full of energy and vitality.  And I know that I created it all.  I believed in god working through me.  I paid attention to myself and to others and I created all those things  And then I turn my mind to what I’m creating now.  A best selling book.  I already have a publisher.  A art history degree.  I’m going back to studying.  And many, many holidays and gathering with friends and family.  I must be the most blessed person on earth.